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Heavy Metal Kitty

If you were lucky enough to go to this years Planet Rock’s Stealhouse Festival in Ebbw Vale then you might have used one of our toilets.  We supplied our loos to the festival which featured Saxon and Anvil.  Heavy metalers might have a reputation for trashing hotel rooms, but fortunately for us they didn’t trash our toilets.  They came back fairly spic and span for a festival.

On a similar note, we’ve found the perfect toilet paper for a heavy metal festival.  The band Kiss have launched a range of toilet paper, with a twist.  It must be the strangest collaboration on merchandise of all time, because the loo roll also features Hello Kitty.  How bizarre is that!

If you would like us to supply our toilets to your festival then email us or ring on 01685 870524.  We’ll even include a couple of rolls of Gene Simmons very own toilet paper free of charge.

Alternatively, if you need portable toilets for a young girls birthday party then it’s the same deal.  We’ll throw in some Hello Kitty toilet roll.

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